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AtoZTasks offer 24/7real-time customer support and visitor communication directly on your member's site. With Live Support, medications members can truly provide human interaction to visitors by allowing them to close a sale, ask provide web-based live chat or simply answer any questions customers may have. Live Support also features an automated payment membership system so that members can pay for your live support service using PayPal or 2Checkout payment gateway.

We provide a cost-effective live customer support solution for small to medium size online sellers. To enable live support on your website, after signing up you will be able to find a short and simple HTML markup code that you will have to add to your website wherever you wish the live customer support icon to appear. The icon will dynamically toggle your live support online status between "Online" and "Offline".

Our Live Customer Support Functions included as below

  • Answering customer questions about the product
  • Technical support to navigate and use the web site including login and password reset
  • Pricing and billing/credit card transactions
  • Engage customer to close sales
  • Provides true online live support to visitors or use it as a real time marketing software
  • Allow visitors to initiate a new web chat session from a webpage
  • Visitors can leave a message if there is no live support available
  • As soon as one of the parties leaves the live chat the other party is notified
  • Sound notification of live support requests
  • E-mail notification of live support requests
  • Auto save transcripts
  • Capture visitor data which includes browser info, IP, referral URL, time of visit and host
  • Live Support can display support status either in image or text form in the website
  • New! Members can now track visitors as they visit the site and initiate a new chat with them.
    With a click of a mouse, members can open a chat window on visitor's computer and provide support or close a sale!
  • New! Predefined survey allows members to push a survey form to visitors and they can gather important feedback,
    comments and critical survey data from visitors
  • Our Live Customer Support Plan & Price


    Bronze Plan

    Live Chat App + Agent
    8 hours per day, 5 days
    per week - USD $495

    Silver Plan

    Live Chat App + Agent
    16 hours per day, 5 days
    per week - USD $895

    Gold Plan

    Live Chat App + Agent
    24 hours per day, 5 days
    per week - USD $995

    Platinum Plan

    Live Chat App + Agent
    24 hours per day, 7 days
    per week - USD 1395



    Our Wide Array Of Services:

    • Executive & Clerical Support
    • Word Processing & Data Entry
    • Human Resources (Applicant Screening, Recruiting, Background Checks etc)
    • Answer/ Respond to calls/ chat (Telephone/Internet Support)
    • Data Mining
    • Real Estate Services (Short Sales, Loss Mitigation, Posting MLS data on various sites)
    • Live Support (Phone/chat/message board support)
    • Web Research (Online Research)
    • Email Marketing
    • Mailing List Development
    • Administrative Support
    • Inbound Sales
    • Web Design
    • Inbound Sales
    • Social Media Maintenance
    • Customer Service Support (Order Processing, Invoicing etc)
    Each client is assigned a dedicated assistant, who is hand-picked from a pool of reliable, trustworthy, experienced professionals who can take of your business or personal needs.