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See below for examples of how others are using's Dedicated Assistants. Of course, page what you chose to ask is completely up to you!

  • Data Analysis/Entry

  • Internet Research

  • Outbound calling

  • Uploading content onto websites

  • Managing online postings

  • Coordinating and booking travel plans

  • Visually documenting processes

  • Email correspondence

  • Continuous Processes

  • Document Editing

  • Our dedicated assistant from will take the condo sales data in this Excel file and create a pivot table that calculates the average sales price.
  • dedicated Agent create the tables in the following PDF document into Excel tables so I can edit them
  • dedicated Agent Update the information from attached spreadsheet
  • Our Agent Going through the following Excel file and delete all duplicate records


  • One of our Dedicated Assistant from will Create a spreadsheet listing the contact information gathered from an online search for all hair salons within a 10 mile radius of Beverly Hills, more about CA
  • At one of our Dedicated Assistant will Search online for any articles linking government environmental sanctions and economic development


  • One of our Dedicated Assistant for will Reference the attached script and contact list and call all names to invite them for a wine tasting at my office
  • At one of our dedicated Assistant will Call the following list of 25 hotels and gather rate information for hosting a luncheon for 50 people


At our Dedicated Assistant will Upload the following product pictures to my website along with the text descriptions provided in the attached document

  • One of our Dedicated Assistant from will Post the following ad on Craigslist to sell my couch and monitor all responses. Send me a daily update highlighting the most likely prospects with whom you have been interacting
  • At one of our Dedicated Assistant will Book a BA flight from SFO to ONT on southwest airlines and have a car pick me up at the airport and take me to my hotel Contact American Airlines and see that I get frequent flyer credit for my flight last week. I forgot to add my AAvantage number at the airport

One of our Dedicated Assistant from will Take the following processes and put them into process maps

  • Dedicated Assistant will take car an insurance broker; I need you to remind my clients via email on the upcoming premium due dates and verify with the insurance company regarding payments made by my clients
  • Our Dedicated Assistant from will Send an email to the following list of people to invite them to my speaker series.  Keep a RSVP list and forward me any correspondence that may require my direct attention

Our Dedicated Assistant from Every Friday at 1PM PST clean out my Yahoo SPAM folder At one of our Dedicated Assistant Every day at 10, patient 2, and 5 CST, update the following set of links for my database

Our Dedicated Assistant will re-format the attached Word document, rx adding a table of contents and the appropriate headers / footers One of our Dedicated Assistant from Review the following Word document for any obvious grammatical / spelling errors. English is not my first language

Our Wide Array Of Services:

  • Executive & Clerical Support
  • Word Processing & Data Entry
  • Human Resources (Applicant Screening, Recruiting, Background Checks etc)
  • Answer/ Respond to calls/ chat (Telephone/Internet Support)
  • Data Mining
  • Real Estate Services (Short Sales, Loss Mitigation, Posting MLS data on various sites)
  • Live Support (Phone/chat/message board support)
  • Web Research (Online Research)
  • Email Marketing
  • Mailing List Development
  • Administrative Support
  • Inbound Sales
  • Web Design
  • Inbound Sales
  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Customer Service Support (Order Processing, Invoicing etc)
Each client is assigned a dedicated assistant, who is hand-picked from a pool of reliable, trustworthy, experienced professionals who can take of your business or personal needs.